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Pioneering America's Success in Space

by Foundation for the Future

Did you know that our organization is focused on pioneering America's success in space through visionary space transportation and infrastructure projects? It’s true. Here is what we stand for:

1. Vision: Our vision is to achieve space access for everyone, making space exploration and activities more accessible to a broader audience.

2. Mission: Our mission is to unleash America's future through smart space infrastructure, emphasizing the development of space transportation and related infrastructure.

3. Nonprofit Organization: We are a nonprofit organization, meaning we operate with the primary goal of advancing our mission and making an impact rather than generating profits.

4. Unifying Civil Space Agency and Federal Policy Objectives: We aim to bring together various stakeholders, including civil space agencies and federal policymakers, to align objectives and work towards a common goal in space infrastructure development.

5. Financial Tools and Workforce Development: We actively work with the U.S. Congress to create new financial tools to support the advancement of the space economy. We also focus on building workforce development pipelines to meet the growing demand for skilled space workers.

6. Advocacy for Increased Access to Capital and Skilled Labor: One of our primary focuses is advocating for increased access to capital and skilled labor for the space economy, aiming to support space-related businesses and projects.

7. Research and Education: At the Foundation, we conduct research, host events, create educational materials, and develop prototypes to build a visionary space infrastructure network. Our efforts aim to have a near-term impact on jobs, investment, and opportunities for workers and companies in the United States.

8. Specific Focus: While there are other groups working on various aspects of space advocacy and regulation, our niche is centered on advocating for increased access to capital and skilled labor for the space economy.

Join us for conversations about the future of space at our free monthly webinar, Conversations for the Future:

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