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Surviving the Valley of Death:
Business Fundamentals for Building a Successful Company

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10 Part Series for Entrepreneurs

Improve your odds of success in the space industry

Presented by well known industry leading experts, prominent in the topic they will present. 

They have all been in your shoes and want to help you!

Why should you attend this series?  

90% of all Start-ups Fail in the first two years! 

From product idea to commercialization, our leading experts will help you really understand what to do, to not fail.  They will give you actionable tasks to avoid putting yourself into debt and help you ensure your vision is viable.

This 10 part series is a must for new, founding and budding entrepreneurs designed to help space startups get an overall education/coaching/training around the fundamentals around starting, operating and commercializing their business idea in a tough macro-economic climate.

This series will drive meaningful and actionable business activities to improve the likelihood of product commercialization and success.

Join us for one or all of these resource sessions for entrepreneurs to improve odds of success

Each Session held from 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM EDT 

June 13: 

June 18: 

July 2: 

July 16: 

August 13: 

August 27: 

September 10: 


September 24: 

October 8: 

October 15: 

Surviving the Valley of Death: Business Fundamentals in Emerging Markets

Positioning for Raising Capital: Do’s/Don’ts/Needs/Pre-Requisites

Leveraging SBIR’s For Success: Build a Business, not a SBIR Mill

Leadership in a Start-Up: Organizing, Communicating, Staffing for Success

Navigating DC:  Branding, Communicating, Opportunity Solicitation, Funding

Optimizing Market, Product, Service Delivery in Emerging Markets

The Importance of Strong Engineering: Processes, Disciplines, Leadership Necessities.  The Do’s and Dont’s of Leading an Engineering Team

Securing your Business: Requirements and Solutions in a Mobile World…and ITAR Compliance

Professional Selling: How to Win in Complex, RFP-Driven, Competitive Markets

Entrepreneurship: The Realities of Starting a Tech-Centric Business

Brought to you by:
Foundation for the Future in partnership with Fenimore Ventures

All funds paid for this series are tax deductible.  

Foundation for the Future is a registered 501 (c)(3).

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