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Infrastructure for the Future: Fusion

Fusion-powered spacecraft may not be just a sci-fi dream for much longer.

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Time & Location

Sep 22, 2021, 8:30 AM – 10:00 AM EDT

Online Webinar

About the Event

There is a new space race developing, with higher stakes and more ambitious goals than just going back to Earth orbit or the Moon. The U.S. has developed a sizable technological lead in rockets and satellite technology, which has in turn grown our national and global space ambitions. Now that it is feasible to get to low Earth orbit affordably and reliably, astronauts and private companies are now looking to go further, and we’re not alone in this race.

The United States faces growing competition and increasing threats in the space domain from countries like Russia and China, each of which possess technologies capable of targeting U.S. space assets. The future of manned space exploration and development of space depends critically on the creation of a dramatically more proficient propulsion architecture for in-space transportation.

Nuclear fission and fusion power will be essential to accomplishing these and other ambitions. These technologies can deliver the performance—including immense power levels, longevity and reliability—required to take large people and cargo astronomically long distances, and support the power requirements for long-term colonies far removed from the safety net of Earth.


Dr. Derek Sutherland, Co-Founder & CEO, CTFusion

Dr. Matthew Moynihan, Founder, New Light Fusion Consulting

Dr. Stephane Lintner, Chair & Acting President, HelicitySpace

Tim Chrisman, Founder & Executive Director, Foundation For The Future


  1. Dr. Derek Sutherland will provide a 15 minute presentation on how fusion spacecraft propulsion is a game changer and an overview of what types of missions become possible within and outside our solar system.
  2. Dr. Matthew Moynihan will provide a non-subjective one slide each 15 minute overview presentation on a variety of fusion concepts: PPPL/Ebrahimi, Princeton Satellite Systems, CTFusion, Horne Technologies & NearStar Fusion.
  3. Dr. Stephane Lintner of Helicity Space will give a 10 minute presentation on their space fusion propulsion concept.
  4. Tim Chrisman - 15 min on how U.S. Federal Government policies can be used to advance this breakthrough technology and ensure U.S. national security interests in space are protected.

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